PreLynx Portals Focus on Safety First for the COVID-19 Pandemic

PreLynx Portals are being used as part of the reopening solution for businesses, governments, educational organizations and healthcare institutions, small and large, to transition back to work in a safe way with confidence.

As we continue to fight against the pandemic, public venues are suffering from being closed for almost 4-5 months. PreLynx Portals are becoming part of the solution for businesses. PreLynx Portals offer businesses the confidence to reopen.

With its sleek and minimalist design, the basic module scans the body and will signal an alert if it detects a high thermal body temperature.

Upgrade Alpha transforms the PreLynx Portal into a “Personal Sanitizing Unit” eradicating viruses from surfaces – in a fine puff of mist with an FDA approved sanitizer.

Working in conjunction with CDC recommendations, that people out in public wear a mask, the PreLynx Portal sanitizes everyone, providing reassurance to the public and employees that they are in a space where every effort is being taken to mitigate the virus.

Upgrade Bravo and Upgrade Charlie include the temperature sensor and the personal sanitizer as well as provide additional reassurance to parents, teachers, and the community that schools are safe zones.

Upgrade Bravo detects metals – in order to identify most weapons.

Upgrade Charlie does it all. Charlie PreLynx Portals “sniff” over 40 different chemicals – toxins, gun powder, explosives and derivatives, even most narcotic drugs.

There is an optional UV light array that can be added to any unit. This option would be of great benefit in the medical professions as it kills additional germs, mold and fungi.

The combination of all four upgrades will speed the reopening of establishments and kick start the economy when the public knows safety first is the mantra for success.

PreLynx Scanners reassure everyone who passes through the portal that they can be confident to enter the building. PreLynx Portals offers a high level of safety from most known dangers, and people can continue with their regular routines in classrooms, boardrooms, malls, churches, and other public venues across the country and around the world.

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