We believe in our purpose and products. If you have any questions that are not on our website please contact us directly via phone or email.

Our focus is you and your business. No matter how small or large we will tailor and assist you with the best option. From an educational facility to a retail store and no matter how much traffic you have, we will deliver you the best option.

What are the support offerings? Support hotline or chat? 24/7? International?

We have a 24/7 support hotline that can be reached at  (866) 344-9709

What are the associated maintenance costs? Repair frequency? Troubleshooting?

We offer 3 types of preventative maintenance packages.

  • Startup ($399/Month)
  • Protective ($599/Month)
  • Comprehensive ($699/Month)
Are your liquids certified?

Yes they are. The liquids are both FDA and CDC approved.

What does your warranty include and for how long?

There is a 1 year limited parts warranty that covers the electronics as well as mechanical components. However, if you sign up for the maintenance package the labor will be free of charge and you only have to pay for parts (if they are not covered).

How do the units scan thermal body heat temperature? At what distance it will monitor and measure the thermal body heat.

The portal has a thermal camera embedded in the system that analyzes the individual that is about to pass through the portal. Our proprietary AI software picks up the individuals body and face temperature as they are about to step onto the ramp notifying either the surrounding or a station visually and with audio (station feedback and audio sound is setup during the installation and is tailored towards your needs).

Are the PreLynx Portals battery operated?

The unit is powered by regular wall mount electricity that can be used in any country providing 110V or 220V

I would like to be a distributor. Do you offer distribution?

Yes we do. Please call (203) 918-4057 for more information or email us at info@prelynx.com

We need a price guide on consumables (sanitizing liquid or agent) – for example, how many individuals would be covered by a specified number of liters...

We currently have 2 size container (24 Gallon and 48 Gallon). The average 24 Gallon would be good for 2,000-3,000 applications. The software will provide you the option to spray for a longer or shorter duration. Such as, if you decide to setup the unit at 1 second spray interval you would get more applications counts vs. if you setup the unit at 2 second intervals you would half of that. The more the clients use the liquids the more revenue for you.

Power source – do the units have backup batteries in case of a power outage?

No backup batteries are included in standard order, however we can supply these as well for an additional cost. Please let us know your requirement before placing an order.

Are your portals wheelchair accessible.

Yes they are. The units were designed and engineered based on US “wheelchair safe” standards.

Additional Questions

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