PreLynx Portals Allow You to Reopen with Confidence

With COVID-19 cases soaring, reopening has slowed across the nation. Even where the government permits reopening, most businesses must rely on consumers, customers, students or visitors feeling comfortable with the steps taken to ensure their safety. PreLynx Portal provides that need.

PreLynx Portals are the gateway to reopening with confidence. Wearing masks reduces transmission by 85%. If everyone masked entering a building goes through a PreLynx Portal, they will also be sanitized of the COVID contact transmission, thus increasing their safety in your establishment or business.

With schools planning to reopen for the fall season, fully-optimized PreLynx Portals are able to reassure parents that their precious loved ones are in a safe environment as they have all been

(1) scanned for fever,
(2) misted for sanitization (FDA approved for COVID),
(3) checked for weapons and
(4) checked for narcotics, and now can concentrate on learning.

Travelers will feel relaxed seeing all the precautions have been established for their safety and comfort. The PreLynx Portal is their first glimpse of how the future will be safer for years to come. Visitors to malls, casinos, hotels, and office buildings will flock to locations they feel safe.

CDC recommendations will continue until a safe, effective vaccination is released, but we can get back to reopening the country if we follow the scientific advice and utilize new technologies. There is a high demand for innovations that combat all aspects of the virus, the PreLynx Portal is among them. Orders are coming in and will be filled on a first come basis.

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