PreLynx Portals Focus on Safety First for the COVID-19 Pandemic

PreLynx Portals are being used as part of the reopening solution for businesses, governments, educational organizations and healthcare institutions, small and large, to transition back to work in a safe way with confidence.

As we continue to fight against the pandemic, public venues are suffering from being closed for almost 4-5 months. PreLynx Portals are becoming part of the solution for businesses. PreLynx Portals offer businesses the confidence to reopen.

With its sleek and minimalist design, the basic module scans the body and will signal an alert if it detects a high thermal body temperature.

Upgrade Alpha transforms the PreLynx Portal into a “Personal Sanitizing Unit” eradicating viruses from surfaces – in a fine puff of mist with an FDA approved sanitizer.

Working in conjunction with CDC recommendations, that people out in public wear a mask, the PreLynx Portal sanitizes everyone, providing reassurance to the public and employees that they are in a space where every effort is being taken to mitigate the virus.

Upgrade Bravo and Upgrade Charlie include the temperature sensor and the personal sanitizer as well as provide additional reassurance to parents, teachers, and the community that schools are safe zones.

Upgrade Bravo detects metals – in order to identify most weapons.

Upgrade Charlie does it all. Charlie PreLynx Portals “sniff” over 40 different chemicals – toxins, gun powder, explosives and derivatives, even most narcotic drugs.

There is an optional UV light array that can be added to any unit. This option would be of great benefit in the medical professions as it kills additional germs, mold and fungi.

The combination of all four upgrades will speed the reopening of establishments and kick start the economy when the public knows safety first is the mantra for success.

PreLynx Scanners reassure everyone who passes through the portal that they can be confident to enter the building. PreLynx Portals offers a high level of safety from most known dangers, and people can continue with their regular routines in classrooms, boardrooms, malls, churches, and other public venues across the country and around the world.

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PreLynx Portals Allow You to Reopen with Confidence

With COVID-19 cases soaring, reopening has slowed across the nation. Even where the government permits reopening, most businesses must rely on consumers, customers, students or visitors feeling comfortable with the steps taken to ensure their safety. PreLynx Portal provides that need.

PreLynx Portals are the gateway to reopening with confidence. Wearing masks reduces transmission by 85%. If everyone masked entering a building goes through a PreLynx Portal, they will also be sanitized of the COVID contact transmission, thus increasing their safety in your establishment or business.

With schools planning to reopen for the fall season, fully-optimized PreLynx Portals are able to reassure parents that their precious loved ones are in a safe environment as they have all been

(1) scanned for fever,
(2) misted for sanitization (FDA approved for COVID),
(3) checked for weapons and
(4) checked for narcotics, and now can concentrate on learning.

Travelers will feel relaxed seeing all the precautions have been established for their safety and comfort. The PreLynx Portal is their first glimpse of how the future will be safer for years to come. Visitors to malls, casinos, hotels, and office buildings will flock to locations they feel safe.

CDC recommendations will continue until a safe, effective vaccination is released, but we can get back to reopening the country if we follow the scientific advice and utilize new technologies. There is a high demand for innovations that combat all aspects of the virus, the PreLynx Portal is among them. Orders are coming in and will be filled on a first come basis.

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PreLynx® Expanding Its Distribution Channel Globally

PreLynx® Portal, a gateway to the future, post COVID-19, in mere seconds will scan a person walking through and provide fever check, a viral sanitizing vapor, sniff for over 40 chemicals and drugs, and recognize numerous metals. In conjunction with other precautionary measures, the revolutionary and innovative PreLynx® Portal, designed by 123 Design, will provide assurance to the world that once again they can safely enjoy the company of others. Currently the company is in negotiations with distributors.

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PreLynx Portal, Corona Virus (COVID-19) First Response Scanner + Sanitizer

PreLynx: Corona Virus (COVID-19) First Response Scanner + Sanitizer

Currently our nation is under siege from a virus and we aren’t sure where to turn or who to trust. Innovation and technology will solve this crisis. PreLynx Portal uses known and proven technology in an innovative way to bring peace of mind to your company, your employees, and your visitors.

The PreLynx is a First Response Scanner + Sanitizer with Module upgrades for additional security. The basic passive mode of the PreLynx Portal scans body heat as one individual at a time passes beneath. The light bar turns from blue to green when a person’s body temperature is within expected parameters.

If it is high, the light bar will flash amber and the person passing through can be steered aside and questioned regarding their knowledge of their current health status. This provides an early warning system to take proper precautions immediately and will help stop the spread of COVID-19.

This basic portal has the capability to provide additional steps of security with software module add-ons.

Module #1 – The Sanitizer

Based on the technology utilized in labs and quarantine rooms, as you step through the portal, a hi-powered blast of a nano-polymer disinfectant vapor covers the person passing beneath. The U.S. EPA has qualified the disinfectant for use against COVID-19 through the agency’s Emerging Viral Pathogen program. This colorless vapor disinfectant uses a potent virucidal agent which inactivates all of the lipophilic viruses (e.g., herpes, vaccinia, influenza and Corona virus) and many hydrophilic viruses (e.g., adenovirus, enterovirus, rhinovirus, and rotaviruses) on a person’s surface. The viral cells will immediately start dying and within twenty minutes they will all be dead.

Module #1 alone makes the PreLynx Portal a boon for any business, allowing them to reopen and assure the public that the environment within is secure. Taking control over the COVID19 pandemic will restart the economy and go a long way toward providing reassurance to a wary population.

How much would you pay for that reassurance?
However, 123 Designs had much more in mind when designing the Prelynx Portal…

Upgrade Module #2 – The Sniffer

Module #2 detects and identifies trace amounts of up to 40 different types of explosives, including gun powder, chemical warfare agents, toxic chemicals or narcotics. Custom programming can add new agents as needed. These Portals will stem the flow of smuggled narcotics and enhance security in your building. Excellent deterrent to enhance safety in schools, churches, theaters, malls, theme parks, sports venues, casinos, corporate offices, and even production lines and warehouse operations.

Upgrade #3 – The Metal Detector
Module #3 detects multiple types of metal that may be used in bombs, guns, and explosive devices. Module #3, while ancient technology in today’s exponentially changing environment, is a strong deterrent to those with ill intent on their agenda. PreLynx Portal sends an alert to those manning the portals.

In conjunction with Module #2, this Portal will provide assurance to your visitors and employees that their safety and security is of utmost importance to you.

All three upgrade modules fit within the basic structure of the PreLynx.

PreLynx is currently in development. In order to get full production on line, PreLynx needs preorders for 100 units. The down payment is $5000.00 dollars. Once the initial startup is met, they expect to have the first PreLynx rolling out the door in sixty days.

How many do you need?
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