Anil Nair

    Anil Nair

    Software/Electrical Engineering

    Anil has +15 years of experience in Healthcare, Manufacturing and Engineering and has been working with the founder for 15 years creating products for the market.

    He is one of the young and full of enthusiasm entrepreneur PreLynx has derived. The humbleness and perseverance which he puts towards his team is full of appreciation. This is also one of the reasons for the growth of PreLynx. Overall he has an experience of 12 years in ITES sector and has uncanny knack of handling department at his best. Though his personal background is from Multimedia but in this learning curve with PreLynx.

    Anil’s philosophy and vision: “As per my experience one can easily learn to handle website design and development division but the main thing to sustain in this industry is to play with more colors in website designing part and use logic for every task to make project and team victorious”

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